Industrial Automation & Process Control

In this day and age, companies are looking to increase convenience, productivity, and safety, while saving money at the same time. Black Box’s range of industrial automation products are designed with these facts in mind. Starting with the most basic of control relays, through to our modular universal telemetry system, right up to full PLC and computer automation, data acquisition and touch panel technology, our systems may be implemented in any industry to provide protection, monitoring and automation.

Providing adequate protection for machinery and more importantly, people. Taking precise measurements and using them to calculate and predict trends. Removing the margin for human error and economising on labour costs. Black box produces high quality, affordable control systems using up to date manufacturing techniques and state of the art technology.

The system sets high standards, in quality and value, thanks to precise attention to detail and innovative engineering.

A part of Emerson Industrial Automation, CT Dynamics, provides a strong base to develop cost effective solutions for applications from machine tools, packaging, mechanical handling, pick and place machinery -through to specialised pointing mechanisms and actuators for space craft.

A part of Emerson Industrial Automation, Control Techniques has a single minded focus on the design and manufacture of variable speed drives. CT products help you to increase productivity, save energy, and reduce your operating costs