As well as trading in hardware, our engineering department is on hand to offer a wide variety of control systems suitable for various applications.

– We offer turnkey power solutions, including type tested switchgear including MCCs, ATS, synchronising and all consultation and design services.

– We are equipped to program, calibrate and  optimize a wide variety of engine/power gen related hardware, including speed governors and synchronising / load management systems. Due to our extensive experience with all of these systems, we are equipped to service, configure and fault find most power systems on the market.

Smart Energy Systems

We specialize in smart systems which are designed to accurately control and interact with your power systems in order to maximise the efficiency, reliability and efficacy of your investment, meaning that you will always be achieving the best performance possible.

– Load management systems

– Peak lopping / Shaving systems

– PF / Harmonic conditioning systems

– VFD and Soft starting systems

– VFD Regeneration systems

Industrial Systems

We can supply single components, or complete systems for the following applications:

– Motion control

– Process control

– Energy management


– VFD and regeneration

– Power Generation

– Soft starting


Power Generation

Today electricity is the life blood of a modern economy and without it business, commerce, industry and even life itself is threatened. It is therefore essential that consumers of power whoever they are, need to have a reliable source of electricity that is backed up in the event of failure. Factories, offices, computer centres, hospitals, super stores, defence establishments, communication headquarters, airports and utilities all have standby power installed to protect their complex operations against power outages that may occur at any time.Our power system design capabilities include primary substations, distribution feeders, switchgear, motor control centres and lighting. We also design and supply complete stand alone and hybrid renewable energy systems. We perform short- circuit, load flow, voltage drop, and harmonic analysis for plant power systems.

With a strong presence all over the Gulf States, we are close by and ready to deliver everything from complete project design and management to long term plant operation, maintenance and service.

Genelec matches the right power system and transfer and control technologies with your power needs. Standby emergency power, distributed power generation, prime power, cogeneration, or whatever your power requirements, we have the solutions.

Diesel and Gas Generators

Genelec has over fifty years of experience in the supply of Diesel and gas generator sets. Our product range from 5.5 – 2,500 kVA, includes open and enclosed type generating sets providing prime and standby power, from standby domestic use, right up to power modules with the ability to operate as complete power stations supplying electricity to national grids.

We supply a range of fixed and variable speed DC gensets for telecom applications, suitable for direct load or battery charging.

Our products

Although we specialise in Deutz Diesel engines and Marelli Motori alternators, we assemble and maintain a wide variety of engine alternator assemblies.