​We specialise in energy systems of all kinds, as well as the efficient management of resources, with the common goal of maximising efficiency and economy while reducing costs and emissions.

These days, it is no longer acceptable to continually upscale our energy and resource consumption, without first considering the resources being wasted carelessly. We all know that our fossil fuels are rapidly depleting, water is in short supply, especially in our region and as a result, the cost of these resources is steadily increasing. We aim to maximise the efficiency of producing and storing these resources, while carefully managing waste, in order to reduce our need for more.

With a firm grounding in the power gen market, we expanded our electro mechanical engineering foundation into the fields of industrial automation and building management systems (BMS). Today we are empowered with over 20 years of technical and market experience, as a leading supplier of integrated industrial, power generation and smart energy control solutions. We are dedicated to delivering high quality products and services to our clients throughout the Middle East and the Gulf region, via our local and offshore sales and engineering networks, which are on hand to deploy our products and services all around the region

Why Choose US?


We take our work and reputation very seriously.


We offer our clients honest, impartial advice, always in their best interest. We are not about making a “quick buck”.


Please feel free to ask us for details of our portfolio of projects and ask our clients about us.


We are solution oriented and always focus on the big picture when designing a system to be extendable and upgradable well into the future.


Most of our products, services and systems are produced under one root.


By working with us, you are in fact working with all of our companies simultaneously. Blackbox , Acar global and Genelec.

Since 1999

Blackbox was founded in 1999, since then we have excelled in system integration and energy systems throughout the Middle East and near Africa.

ISO 9001 accredited

We achieved the prestigious accreditation for our design manufacturing and servicing systems.

Engineering services

We are not just a stockiest, we provide meticulously designed, built and tested systems, made to perform and last.

After sales service

We are behind you every step of the way for maintenance, spares, consumables and advice.