​Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

​CHP or Combined Heat and Power, is the simultaneous production of heat and electricity from a single source, close to where they are to be used. This means that the heat and electricity generated can be used extremely efficiently because there is no energy wastage or loss during transportation to another site. Genelec is at the forefront of new micro-CHP technology development. Our systems are ideal for use in houses or smaller commercial settings. These systems may also be implemented in larger scale power plants, either as a retrofit, or as a new build, particularly suitable in commercial or industrial establishments needing both hot water and electricity, such as hotels, hospitals, factories… We also provide complete Diesel and gas powered power generation plants, CHP ready. Installation is easy. If you already own a genset, fitted in a soundproof canopy, or in a dedicated generator room, it is highly likely that we can retro fit it with a heat recovery system. Electrically, there will be no change to your installation. With the addition of the CHP equipment, we need to have access to your old boiler installation. Our equipment will connect to it easily.

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