​Automatic transfer switch (ATS)

​A Genelec automatic transfer switch monitors incoming voltage from the utility line, around the clock. When utility power is interrupted, the automatic transfer switch immediately senses the problem and signals the generator to start. Once the generator is running at proper speed, the automatic transfer switch safely connects the supply from the generator. Within seconds, your generator system begins supplying electricity to the critical emergency circuits of your home or business. The transfer switch continues to monitor the utility line conditions. When the automatic transfer switch senses the utility line voltage has returned to a steady state, it re-transfers the electrical load back to the utility line and resumes monitoring for subsequent utility loss. The generator will continue to run for an engine cool- down period of several minutes while the entire system stands ready for the next power outage. While mains utility is present, the automatic battery charger in the ATS, maintains the generator’s starting batteries at an optimum level of charge, so that your machine is always ready to start.

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